July 12th Church Re-Opening

Mark your calendars, July 12th is opening day (unless the CDC changes it’s requirements). The state of Illinois provided the guidelines by which churches can resume worship gatherings. As it stands now, all the members and friends of our church are able to return to our sanctuary for Sunday worship starting July 12th. That is great news. Here are the guidelines with some changes

  • New Times: 9:30 is the English Service; 11:00 is the Spanish service.
  • New Service Length: 45 minute services (start and end on time. Experimenting with shorter services.
  • New Numbers: We can only hold 90 people per service (RSVP will be required in order to assign seating. To accommodate that number we will practice distancing between pews and we will open up the balcony.)
  • Lord’s Supper: Every week we will Celebrate Communion.
  • Passing to Peace: not handshaking, hugging, or kissing.
  • Entry into Building: Face masks, hand sanitizer, and the signing of a waiver form will be required at the main entrance of the building.
  • Illinois Guidelines Say: No Fellowship time after the services, No nursery care, and no Sunday school classes.
  • Live Stream all services: For those who still can not attend, the services can be watched on live stream at on the Internet. (More information pending)
  • Senior Members and Senior friends (those older than 65 years old), The Illinois guidelines strongly suggest that senior adults do not go out to attend large group gatherings. Why? Because they are the most vulnerable to Covid–19. If they choose to come to our worship, we will welcome them. However, we strongly suggest that they consider staying at home and watching the live stream services. If they have any questions, please contact one of the elders.

These are just a few guidelines for the July 12th services. We will post this and more information at our church webpage.

In the mean time, some of the leaders of Ebenezer have opened their homes on Sundays for small group (10 people) to watch the recorded Sunday worship services. This practice will be modified after July 12th.

In the mean time, Trust our Father God. He in maneuvering the universe for your good and your development. He is preparing all this for your blessings. Wait on the lord.

Online Prayer Meetings

Before joining your first online prayer meeting, download the Google Hangouts Meet app  After downloading Google Hangouts Meet, contact one of the prayer leaders requesting an invitation to join their prayer group. They will write back and send you an invitation. 

Wednesdays in English 

6:30 PM.  Pray with members of Ebenezer. Contact Lamar Smith at  lamar_smith22@yahoo.com to join.

Wednesdays in Spanish

8:00 PM. Pray with members of the church in Spanish. Contact Geronimo Morales at  Gmc7097@comcast.net to join.

Online Services

Watch our recorded English and Spanish services on YouTube at Ebenezer CRC at Berwyn. Watch our YouTube channel, social media, and website for our service to be posted each Sunday morning.