Mission, Vision and Values


Our mission is to bring glory to our Great God who has given us the

Great Commission and the
Great Commandment.

Through the Holy Spirit we answer his call for us to be a
Great Community with a
Great Cultivation to rejoice with others in
Great Celebration.

Commission speaks to evangelistic outreach.
Commandment acknowledges our obedience to love God and those within the body of Christ and neighborhood.
Community addresses the impact we have in the surrounding neighborhood.
Cultivation recognizes the vital place of making disciples through the Word of God.
Celebration relates to dynamic worship and joyful service.


Affirming the ministries God has given to us, we will be:

  • Multiethnic/Multigenerational in Worship
  • Multiplying Churches in the Quad Cities
  • Strategic Training Center for Missional Leaders
  • Community Development Center
  • Unifying House of Prayer


We are guided in this mission to be:

  • Led by the Spirit
  • Dedicated to the Scriptures
  • Embracing Ethnic Diversity
  • Engaged in our Community
  • Passionate in Prayer
  • Committed to Leadership Development/Mentorship
  • Active in Community Collaboration